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Mailing lists

There are three mailing lists for this project: MonAMI-announce, MonAMI-users and MonAMI-devel.


This list has a very low volume of traffic and is only to announce new versions of the software. If you are interested in MonAMI, or might be interested, but do not want to take part in the development, subscribe to this list.

To subscribe, see the MonAMI-announce listinfo page.


The MonAMI-users list are for people using MonAMI, but who don't want to take an active part in the development work. Feel free to ask questions about how things should work.

To subscribe, see the MonAMI-users listinfo page.


The MonAMI-devel list is for those interested in contributing towards the MonAMI development work. If you want to help make MonAMI work with some particular program or server, this is the list for you.

To subscribe, see the MonAMI-devel listinfo page. Logo GridPP Logo