2.4. Running from within the CVS tree

Finally, as an aid to development work, one can run MonAMI from within the CVS tree.

With the configuration, if MonAMI fails to find the configuration file in the configured location (/home/paul/MonAMI-test-install/etc/monami.conf), it will look for monami.conf within the current working directory.

For plugins, MonAMI will first look in the configured plugin directory (/home/paul/MonAMI-test-install/lib/monami). If this directory does not exist, or contains no plugins, then the plugin directory within the current directory is examined. The src/plugin directory is where plugins are placed as they are built.

MonAMI will run within CVS provided that the "current working directory" is src and the CVS-configured MonAMI does not share the same prefix as an installed MonAMI instance. It is recommended not to run an installed MonAMI on a development machine and to use the -f command-line option when running monamid from the CVS directory tree.